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PREVENT SILICONES intervenes in the markets of Para Medical for over 10years, particularly in the fields of podiatry, orthopedics, the hearing aid, themaxillofacial surgery, treatment of burns and in the area of 'odonto stomatology.

Our job is to produce silicone materials tailored to the requirements of each of these areas.

Odonto Stomatology concerning, we manufacture a range of polyaddition siliconefor impression taking in the mouth, consistent with the methods of so-calledfingerprinting technique and double wash mixture, but also to the mono print.

A policy of issuing "Factory Direct" allows our company to commercialize theseproduct lines to extremely competitive prices with a quality / price.

We also managed to evolve by developing new materials related to the current needs of hygiene and disinfection of impressions (world patent on aself-disinfecting silicone material) that we would be happy to test it.